i heart monday and an announcement!

happiest of mornings blissful friends! i am especially loving this list and hope you feel the exact same.

you all know i have a tough time keeping secrets, so it has been hard not to share throughout this whole process...but i think you should know the frenches are officially not moving! for those of you who don't know, awhile back i made the announcement that the frenches would be relocating temporarily to vancouver, bc. actually, baby french was going to be born in a new and beautiful country! well, due to mr. french's always exciting career we are now officially staying put and i couldn't be happier. vacouver is amazing and under different circumstances i would have been hopping excited to go, but due to my ridiculous nesting tendencies i am so happy to be staying where we are. i have to say "thank you" and deliver the most powerful virtual hugs to those of you who have offered your support, words of encouragement and info regarding vancouver. i have been amazed by all of the kind words and emails...xxoo
i heart this entire outfit (via michelle).
i heart these tents.
i heart this dress.
i heart this owl.
i heart this tank.
i heart these boots.
i heart this tunic.
i heart this brooch.
i heart this nightshirt.
i heart this vessel.
i heart this wrap.
i heart these "petnames."
i heart this bag.
i heart this skirt.
i heart this shelf.
i heart this dress.
i heart these pincushions.
i heart these wedges.
i heart this tote.
i heart this bicycle via olivet.

i hope you have a beautiful monday friends and you know exactly where to find me...my beloved portland thank you very much! xo mrs. french