noun: the remodel

i love noun .  for those of you who know me and have for a long time, you remember my little love affair with this shop on the corner.  i remember way back, when we were both new (noun opening and me, to my beloved city)...i walked in, it wasn't even finished and i just knew noun was special and i knew it would catch on like crazy wild-fire and i knew this because of the most amazing everything behind the counter.  stephanie sheldon is the small in stature, but big in talent gal that makes noun, noun.  she had a passion for her shop from the beginning.  she has put so much into this shop, yet managed to make it effortless.  i never see noun as a whole big shop...i see it as a collection of much-loved and cherished items.  each thing is special....i am actually not sure how she parts with anything.

anyway, dear noun closed it's doors for a few weeks and they remodeled like crazy and i love it!  i had to give you a's richer, and more beautiful (didn't think it could be done)...the same feel is there and the same stephanie is quietly standing by with pride, making sure everything is just right...oh and do you see them?  my very own photos on on the wall.  i can't even begin to explain how excited i am...this has gotten to be a bit wordy, so take my word for buttons are popping!

there's a second part to this remodel.  i will tell you more this afternoon, for now i will give you a little peek...

it's not just amazing, it's "deluxe!" xo mrs. french