pip & estella

i do love a collection of beautiful, vintage items...

this particularly lovely collection is brought to you by the most wonderful boho-chic pip and estella.  pip and estella was inspired by "the lovely and eccentric aesthetic of the aging mansion, satis house as described in the charles dickens novel great expectations."  how cool is that?

i had not heard of this sweet shop until ms. sana got in touch with me (she is the genius behind another favorite of mine wristie love).  sana and a friend opened this shop of all things good and to be honest, i can't believe i had not stumbled into it before...now it is a frequent spot for me.  each item is chosen with much thought and dedication.  i just know that each piece has been loved by someone at sometime.  i also have to mention that i am particularly impressed by pip and estella's more than fair prices...there is something so nice about taking a piece of treasured history home and not feeling too guilty about it.  now that you know about it, visit, bookmark, shop, post, favorite or at the very least take a peek...xo mrs. french