saint cupcake deluxe

what goes perfectly with ridiculously beautiful retail space? cupcakes!!! that's right, noun shares it's corner location with another portland and mrs. french favorite, saint cupcake! there is a twist...saint cupcake at this location is "saint cupcake deluxe"...the "deluxe" part involves tasteful, whimsical party supplies. the kind of party supplies b flips for every time we set foot in ms. jami's latest masterpiece.

i can't even begin to describe the's modern, it's cheery, it's bright, it's inviting, it's perfect. it was already hard enough for me to leave this corner of all corners and now, i feel as if i could move in. the thing that completely gets me is how two amazingly creative girls found one another and made something so magical. jami and stephanie have been friends forever and ever, and it shows. each item, cupcake, down to the tiniest sprinkle compliments the other. i can't tell you how much i love these two gals and what they have created.

oh and take not of the ceiling in these camera wanted to keep pointing up. all of it is awesome, but up is spectacular!
psst...and guess what? bliss and saint cupcake are coming together for another saint cupcake takes flight giveaway will want to be here for that!
xo mrs. french