it is quite the day at the french residence!  about two years ago i posted about my beloved kitchen ("beloved" because i am a bit nostalgic today).  needless to say, i am not a fan.  the mister and i are not home improvement specialists...i have big, big ideas but i don't have the skills or large amounts of cash required to hire a the discussion began 2 years ago and stalled.  well friends, my nesting has put everything into a full speed mode.  the cabinets have been repainted, hardware replaced and countertops and a sink are going in today.  my head may pop clear off!  the best part is that my sweet husband is going to complete the huge task, but he has help!  a real-life carpenter, with real skills!  he is the fiance of my real-life effervescent friend kathryn.  

silly me, i failed to snap whole kitchen shots before the big redo, but i do have a couple of shots of the sad details...

trust me, the photos are actually way too kind...the project will not be finished today, but i promise to post some photos of some of the details.  i may even pop in later today with a progress, so excited!  xo mrs. french