studio mhl

so do you ever have a day where you feel like you may be drowning a bit?  i am having one of those.  my tiny house is torn apart, my poor dog just doesn't feel well, there was an incident resulting in our sofa needing an emergency cleaning and did i mention the fact that i am 8 months pregnant?  oh and my boys are lovable, but maybe not as overwhelmed as myself (actually, i think it may be that my hormones are raging and that my emotions may be getting the best of me) and then i choose to dump on my beloved readers...ugg!!! 

and then i have a magical blog i am getting ready to post, i find studio mhl in one of my bookmark folders and a smile spreads across my face because everything about it is perfect.  monique van bruggen creates the most perfect jewelry...little masterpieces for your necks, fingers or outfits.  i am not quite sure what i did before bliss...little, pretty reminders come so much easier now.  i love what i do and all of you case you didn't know.

xo mrs. french