tamara maynes

it has become a ritual, my insideout magazine shows up in my mailbox, i immediately tear into the plastic wrap and devour the content. this issue was as wonderful as past issues, but i also found it to be extremely nostalgic due to the most wonderful article on tamara maynes.

tamara took a step back from a successful career in design to breathe and discovered her love of crafting...more specifically cross stitch. my mother used to cross stitch. i have vivid memories of watching her patiently create the most lovely masterpieces...thought, time, and love went into each one.

i am absolutely floored by tamar's beautiful, contemporary and just edgy enough take on the craft of cross stitch.

oh and there is macrame...

hand-dyed macrame owls, perfectly titled "to john denver with love." john denver? it's all flooding back!!!! thank you dear, dear tamara...you helped me to unlock memories that are nothing less than beautiful. xo mrs. french