carolyn burgess photography

carolyn burgess is a photographer:

she captures lovely moments and turns them into beautiful memories.  her work is not overly complicated, her colors are not skewed...her photographs are just what she sees .  i have to think her eyes are maybe a bit different than mine, able to pick out tiny snip-its that i would miss...things that are typically missed or forgotten are not lost when carolyn has her camera nearby.  this is how photography should be.

which is why i believe she is so suited to snap shots of children...

perhaps napa valley would share.  i just know that the sweet moments, timed out in milliseconds, with my sweet b would last forever through carolyn's photographs...little miss french will need some capturing of her own.  so dear ms. burgess, you should come to portland and bring your camera with you.  

in the mean time, thank you for your time on my bliss.  xo mrs. french