katie quinn davies

it started with this kitchen...
love at first sight.  australian photographer/stylist katie quinn davies's sneak peek on design sponge may be my all time favorite (which says so much, because i love them all).  katie's home is how i imagine the very best me designing my own home...actually, i could have never done this, if i could, this is how my dream surroundings would look.  strangely enough, if feels like "home" to me in a purely un-creepy way.  

which is why i was less than surprised when i perused through ms. davies's portfolio.  katie styles and photographs food the way, i feel, it should be:  rustic, nothing fancy...but yet so beautiful my breath is fully taken away.  she manages to make chocolate look more desirable and left behind berries look pretty by simply leaving them be.  

amazing right? xo mrs. french