vee speers

vee speers stuns and amazes me.  she is an australian photographer based in paris.  the greatest compliment i can give her work is that it leaves me speechless.  i honestly feel that my words could never describe her work properly.

i am particularly enamored with "the birthday party" series rather than trying to come up with just the right words, i will take them from the artist herself:

What is the premise of your recent project “The Birthday Party”?
Capturing the last days of childhood and seeing that slipping away with my own daughter; realizing that once you’re a teenager you’re not innocent anymore and that’s the way life is. I really wanted to package up that little world. That was my initial motivation. After that, I wanted to get in there and really explore that childhood through a child’s eyes. I shot them low down so they were dominating. We always look down on a child, they are small, but in the photos are taken at the child’s eye-level, so the children dominate. They’re not smiling but they are in control. They’re not unhappy. They are in their own world.
her words are just as eloquent as her photographs...the most i can say is that each photograph gives me goosebumps.

it's funny how taste develops.  it took me awhile to imagine myself as the type of person that covers her walls in works of original fine art pieces...i had a tough time committing.  lately, however, i have been covering my imaginary walls and i feel confident vee's work would cover large section of them and i would continue to love each piece for years and years to come.  realistically, i am not in a place to cover my walls just yet.  in the mean time i will grace my coffee table (wait a minute, i need one of those too).  

xo mrs. french

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