blissful guest: East Coast Summer: Going Home

Hello! Jill here from 36 Shea sharing some tidbits of my East Coast summer.

Oooh, it's been so hot here in the city this summer and I'm lucky enough to be able to head north for while to cool off.

Summertime for me means going to visit my parents in New Hampshire for a few weeks in the same town, the same house, where I grew up. Home is an old New England town, very rural, with architecture dating back to the late 18th and early 19th century. There's a lovely pond, a river, lots of woods and mountains, dirt roads, farmland, and my mother's beautiful gardens. I always find true peace here, a real escape from my everyday city life. For me, this place will always be home.

Wishing you all a lovely summertime, no matter where you are!

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