blissful guest: playtime

love everything about the beautifully conceived
make-believe world of Wovenplay

I want to eat these. Every season taken care of by the incredible Makié

such perfectly pretty prettiness from le vest iaire de jeanne

and last but not least little Lu, once running around, will want
Bensimon tennies but I'm partial to the balerines top photo/ back row.
(photos credit:
coos and ahhs)

From the land of Bonbon Oiseau, I am so happy and honored to welcome little Lu to the world! Congratulations to the French family on their incredible new little girl!!

I've been looking at a few tiny little pretty things for her world but you know, with a fashionable mommy like hers, we know she's going to look super baby-sharp no matter what. I will say, in the name of playing dress-up and all things girly, I was very excited just before I left for my summer holiday to visit a new children's tradeshow called Playtime by the incredible organizers who created the show I've been doing in Paris for the last nine seasons, Le Showroom (which sadly has ended this year.). They work hard to organize the show in Paris and Tokyo, but arrived for their premiere in NY this summer. I was bowled over by the adorableness of the show and thought I'd share a few of my very favorite collections with you and Lu. It's the equivilent of Auntie Deb taking her on a virtual international shopping spree I like to think.

Big hugs Frenchies to you and your beautiful little ones...


more pretty pictures from Playtime here.

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