blissful guest: why the caged bird sings

I was so flattered when the charming Mrs. French invited me as a guest to her coveted space. And so thrilled to learn of her beautiful baby 'Lu'!

What to post, what to share, my mind scrambled a bit giddy. So I dove into my rich list of handmade wares, creative women, thoughtful design and all things family. And of course the whimsical craft of Tamar Mogendorff was a must! Her meticulous stitches pair shabby and chic and bring the sweetest nature indoors. Raw yet refined, Tamar's use of natural textiles and muted palette add a grown-up twist to the heirloom stuffed doll. From flock to fungi, seahorse to swan, this lovely collection will entice the child in all of us.

Much love, T! -Tyler

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