blissful knackage for my lu

hello friends...have you been enjoying my blissful guests?  i knew it...i chose the best of the best!  

i have been relatively quiet regarding my little lu's nursery.  one reason for this is that i wanted it to be a surprise and another is that it isn't quite finished...but i am terrible when it comes to i had to share a piece of it.

i have had such a major crush on barb and her knackage.  ever since our very first encounter, i knew i would have a piece of knack perfection of my very own.  well guess what?  my lu is so incredibly lucky!  barb has created the most beautiful piece of furniture i have ever seen and it has found a home in my sweet lu's room...

i haven't seen "faye" in person, but i just know she is even more perfect close up!  and look at the knobs...barb had a go at custom knobs and if you ask me, they are perfect.  

there.  i feel so much better...had to share!  
i will be back soon...maybe more nursery previews, and pretty pics of my my lu and big brother b too.  i think of all of you often...muwah!  mrs. french
~lovely photographs courtesy of talented ms. barb

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