blissful guest: Elle's belles

Hello, Francophiles! When Traci asked me to put together a guest post for you, I knew immediately what I would create. Traci loves little elephants... a silly fact I am privy to because she often admires the ones I used to decorate my own daughter's nursery. And so, in celebration of wee lu's arrival, here are just a few elephant-sized friends that I think would look darling in the littlest Frenchie's room.

elephant bliss

1. Shopsimplethings Blue and Yellow Animal Parade Pennants on Grosgrain
2. Bombay Elephant Pillow and Udaipur Elephant/Giraffe Pillow
3. Decoylab Modern Baby Clock
4. Fauna Baby Romper - Elephant
5. Elephant-Print Short One-Piece
6. Q Collection Junior Elephant Parade Boudoir Pillows 7. Taj Blanket in Pouch
8. Weepereas Reversible Baby Shoes

Thank you, blissful readers, for spending this time with me! I hope you'll come visit me at my blogs, The Lil Bee and Feather Report, and my Feather Report iPhone app.

Big kiss!

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