blissful guest: Inspiration = black + white

Hello everyone :)
This is Alysia from blue hour designs filling in for the lovely missus. I would like to share some black and white inspiration that I recently found while browsing through flickr.
Black & white photography has always been a favorite of mine....regardless of the subject there always seems to be a sense of drama in the pictures. 

Tree in Fog

be_dozen of oysters

Winter Alley

Cuba Gallery: New Zealand / Landscape / black and white / clouds / sky / natural light / sheep / hills / rural / photography

Who's gonna ride your (black and white) wild horses


Black and White Gatehouse


Dalton Point

Image Credits:  1. Tree in Fog 2. dozen of oysters 3. Winter Alley 4. New Zealand 5. Who's gonna ride your (black and white) wild horses 6. waiting 7. Black and White Gatehouse  8. Darkness  9. Dalton Point

I would love each and every one of these on my walls. :)

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