blissful guest: Sweet Eventide: my happy place

hi bliss readers, this is jess from sweet eventide guest posting for mrs. french. i thought i would share one of my happiest places today, italy.

i've been to italy twice, once alone and once on a big family trip with my grandma. i saw cities large and small but my very best memory was when my family found mistretta, a teeny tiny town in sicily where my grandma's father came from. my grandma met living relatives there that we didn't know about and it was a magical experience. the italian lakes are a part of italy that i have not been to yet, but i'm going to visit some awe-inspiring villas right now.

i'm positive it would be easier to get dinner on the table from that kitchen. i'm also positive that some charming italian person is about to serve me a delicious tè freddo alla pesca at this table. grazie for having me today. -- jess

via villas of distinction

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