i heart monday.

hi all!  i am back and a bit wobbly.  i have missed all of you so much!  i do hope you have been enjoying my lovely guests as much as i have.  the amount of gratitude i have towards them is unmeasurable.  

things around the french household have been beautifully busy and i would be lying if i were to say we have it all figured out...because we don't and it's still a bit crazy.  our house is messy, our baby doesn't sleep in the afternoon, we rarely feel organized, and b is late for school some days, but we are crazy happy!  each of us love little miss lu and b is the most wonderful big brother.

here is my first list in quite some time.  i do hope you love it...
i heart her sweet little face.
i heart this bracelet.
i heart this sweater (via pinterest via the lovely joanna).
i heart these boots.
i heart this scarf.
i heart this chair.
i heart this laundry bag.
i heart this mirror.
i heart this cardi.
i heart this "door sweater" (sister to my favorite knack momma).
i heart these boots.
i heart this cardigan.
i heart "muriel."

i heart this butterfly.
i heart this sweater.
i heart these knitted beads.
i heart this tote.
i heart these boots too.
i heart this dress.
i heart this scarf.

it's nice to be back...xo mrs. french

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