inspirational dace

do you remember when i used to take pictures?  i do.  i remember when i couldn't go a day without one of my cameras.  nowadays i find that more often than not the camera i grab is on my iphone.  my babies are so darn cute i need something fast, so i can send off the adorable to friends and family as soon as possible. in spite of this quick, fuss-free photography i do miss the more elaborate productions.  not so much that i feel the need to do take photos of my surroundings everyday, but so much that at times i am caught off guard; i see something particularirily inspirational and i have a little pang.  

this is what happened when i clicked into the dace fall 2010 gallery...

i may be picking up the old real cameras sooner than later.  thank you lovely dace. xo mrs. french

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