wee wednesday: polaroid lu

i love being a momma the second time around.  i feel as if i have forgotten everything i once knew about child rearing, and feel frazzled more often than not, but mostly i just feel so, so lucky.  
i have also become painfully aware of the fact that this is the last go around with a little baby.  i know that we will not have another...our home seems complete.  however, i am still a bit sad at how fast my lu is changing and how grown up my b is becoming.  each moment is fleeting, to say the least.  fleeting and beautiful...which is exactly how i feel about polaroid photography.  polaroid pics, to me, go beyond a photograph and move into the dreamy memory category.  barely tangible, dreamy, and fading...

much like this whole wee baby thing.  they seem to go together perfectly, don't you think?  
xo mrs. french

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