a blissful gift list

hi friends!  i am getting all crazy on a sunday! i am thrilled to post a this little list.  honestly, this is one of my favorite posts to compile each year...it's a gift list plumb full of goodies from my beloved sponsors.  

this post reminds me of how lucky i am to have the sponsors i do; placed ever so proudly in my sidebar. bliss has grown and grown and continues to grow because of my dear readers and talented sponsors.  i find myself pinching myself all of the time.  this is such a wonderful way to introduce my two favorite blissful groups of people...readers meet sponsors, sponsors meet readers!

i will place the links below the goodies...
2. saint cupcake (send the yummiest cupcakes in the world to someone special!)
15. tiny prints (lovely new years cards!)
18. twig

so perfect...sigh...

we are heading out monday to this winter wonderland.  i am hoping to pop in here and there to share a bit of our holiday with all of you.  i do wish you all a magical holiday as well. xo mrs. french

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