i heart mr. french (i may have to take a few things off of my christmas list).

ok, so now for the critique...i thought i did a pretty decent job...let's see what the big guy thinks (for those of you who missed out yesterday, i posted a list for my beloved.  now we are about to find out what he really thinks of my choices).  i have a feeling bliss may get a bit more bitter after mr. french gets a hold of it...without further ado, the mister (i am wincing).  

Hello all; it's good to be back. I enjoy posting here, but, as any of you that me know can verify, I am a stoic man of few words.  My comments are in italics, and I use proper capitalization, which should make it easy for you.

 mr. french would love this down sweater.

The down sweater above- my wife started off on fire.  I actually walked into the Patagonia store in Bend with the intent to purchase one, but I walked out with a new ski jacket instead; my fifth.  I have a bit of an addiction to outerwear, and I lost control for a few moments.  The jacket above is thin enough to wear as a layer or alone on moderate days.  Veeerryy nice.  

 mr. french would heart this box set.  

I love The Man in Black, but for my money, the biggest, boldest, most rebellious, most chock-full of badassery country artist ever is Waylon Jennings- checkout this print of Waylon and Willie; 

never has a picture been taken of two artists with bigger combined cojones (I initially spelled this c-a-j-o-n-e-s, which it turns out is a box shaped percussion instrument popular in Peru). 
 mr. french would heart this sweatshirt.  

It would be fine for activities like reading books.  Most likely fiction, which I hate and last read in 2003.
 mr. french would heart this toque.  

I love that she called it a "toque."  I grew up playing hockey, which has many Canadian influences (no, really- hockey is pretty big in Canada).  Extra points for any of you ladies who can answer the following Canadian quiz questions:
1. What is Poutine?
2. A "Canadian Tuxedo?"
3. Hockey Hair/"
4. Name 7 Canadian Provinces from memory

Anyway, I always called a hat a "toque" until moving to Texas, where I was mocked.  I had a hat like the one above (solid grey), but I lost it.  The replacement isn't half the hat of the old one.

 mr. french would heart this money clip. 

What wouldn't be nicer if made out of baseball leather?

mr. french should heart this outfit.  

Wow.  I am literally twice as wide as this guy.  I hate him.  This outfit looks like it should have a really lame man-scarf with it. He should be punched in the face or liver.

 mr. french would heart this passport case.  

Pretty, but a passport goes in your pocket.  Why do you need a pocket for something that goes in your pocket?

 mr. french would heart a ski getaway here.  

"Cham."  The gold standard for steep, challeging, off-piste skiing, and a pretty nice place to visit as well.  Every three years a "New Chamonix" pops up- a few years ago it was La Grave in France, and now it is some place in the Italian Alps.  I say, "yes please" to any of them.
 mr. french would heart this hiker.  

Nope.  No blue laces.  There is only one hiking boot a man should have- the Vasque Sundowner.  

I have three pair, the newest of which were acquired in 2002.  I wear them everywhere. You could even wear them with formal wear, like a Canadian Tuxedo. 
 mr. french would heart this pocket knife.  

This is an awesome knife.  Men these days should carry pocket knives like their fathers did.  I would like this one.

 mr. french would heart this dvd collectionNice.
 mr. french would heart this backpack.  

Beautiful.  Arcteryx makes $275 ski gloves.  What's up with that?
 mr. french would heart this airstream

I have a bad case of "redneck wanderlust.'  I want an RV.  But if this is my wishlist, there is only one vehicle for me-earthroamer. You can even get a version that will protect you in the event of a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack.  That is the hairy chested, big mustached, Sam Elliot of RV's.

 mr. french would heart these jeans

Lined jeans sound great (I've never had a pair), but I bet they make your ass look huge. This guy looks like a giant sack of wuss.

 mr. french would love this sweater (and maybe the flask too).  

This sweater makes me need a flask.  Bad, bad, bad.  Is it a jacket or a sweater.  I have many vulgar descriptions my wife won't let me use.  By the way, I have never needed a drink so bad I had to carry a flask.  Maybe someday?

 mr. french would heart this revolutionary device

I heard someone say Apple builds devices and then people realize they can't live without them.  So true.  I thought the Ipad was dumb, and then I saw one.  Hooked.

mr. french loves this smushed face and the smusher.  

This really does describe our kids without saying a word.  Man, I love 'em, and I wish you all the Happiest of Happy Holidays.  

now the fun part!  mr. french is going to review the list and offer his opinions and possible replacements.  so do come back later today...the man has a way wi th words.

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