on the ball with tiny prints

i know, i know all of you are so on the ball...you already have your holiday cards addressed and ready to go.  actually, some of you may have already sent them and many have already reached their destinations.  then there is the frenches...i have not chosen mine yet and still do not have a photo of my bubs that i am satisfied with...SLACKER!  however today, i feel as if i have narrowed down my choices a bit...

tiny prints have hundreds to choose from, so it was tough for me (especially since i love at least half of them)....now all i need to do is narrow it down to one design, get my squirmy little ones to stay still for a perfect photo and order them...oh and send them!  oh goodness!  maybe i should just skip this year and hope for the best for the next year?!  xo mrs. french

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