brochu walker (again) ss11

i want to put this one in my pocket and keep it...for some reason this is exactly what i want to do with this post.  brochu walker does this to me.  it is crazy to think that a line that has only been around for 3 years is my very, absolute favorite.  i know i post about bw often (i have deemed myself a spokesperson and president of the bw fan club) and i often preface the beautiful clothing with a love note of sorts, but i can't help it...brochu walker clothing is what i strive for; chic, wearable, timeless, and effortless (pretty sure all these words are in the bio)...oh and this post is crazy long because i couldn't possibly edit.

if i had to wear one line of clothing for the rest of my life, pretty sure this would be it.  also, so funny how all of my posts highlighting pretty clothing recently have been warm cozy pieces for winter...i haven't been able to move on.  the brochu walker ss11 collection has me packing up my thick woolens and digging out my strappy sandals.  now that's good. xo mrs. french

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