get ready!

one of my nearest and dearest on bliss and a new feature to boot.  it's a good day!  

back in the day i was a college freshmen,terrified because i was leaving home for the very first time...i had 3 room mates assigned to me, we were all new to one another and it worked out.  more than worked out, these ladies are still my favorite ladies.  i trust them with all i hold dear.  the pretty girl you see above, she is one of the three.  i always knew she was special...while i was warming up spaghetti-os in an illegal dorm microwave (we hid it under the bed....shhhh), she was creating masterpieces in a crockpot on her desk.  she's one of those natural cooks, it's just part of her makeup.  it doesn't seem fair that i keep her all to myself...texting her for recipes is a pretty common occurence around here...sooo i have decided to give you the same little gift.  ms. laurie jesch-kulseth will be popping in on thursdays to share some of her yummiest with all of you.  she also has a way with a camera.  how lucky are you?  LUCKY!  pop back in this afternoon for her first feature on bliss...get ready, this girl is good!  xo mrs. french
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