how my mind works...goodness!

sooooo...i had an idea for a post.  i had garden state on in the background and the tap-dance scene in front of the fireplace popped up.  i thought, this has to be one of my all-time favorite movie scenes, i should post about it.  i immediately scoured the internet for a photo or clip and couldn't find one.  a long, drawn out way of telling you to watch garden state for that scene...which leads me to my other post idea for the day:

around 12 years of age i started to think life would be so much easier as a boy.  i continued to think this as i grew: the turmoil of the teen years, the dating life, and witnessing mr. french with his guy friends all these years.  everything with boys seems so much simpler.  i have to say i had always been a bit jealous of the opposite sex.

then, somewhere around my mid-thirties i realized that it's good to be a girl.  i could list a number of reasons of why this is....i have a feeling many of you know them.  i will summarize by simply saying being a girl is pretty.

this thought inspired my latest board on pinterest "it's good to be a girl."

so much prettier.  

besides my fleeting thoughts, darling kari inspired this board...the ultimate pretty blogger. xo mrs. french

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