i heart monday.

good afternoon blissful friends!  how was your holiday?  mine was so nice.  family, food, food, food and some yummy food.  i have to say the high point was spending extra time with my b.  it's crazy to think that now that he is such a fun, smart, talkative little man he spends much of his time at school.  the selfish me doesn't think it's really fair...i loved having him home and am a bit sad to see him back.  

however, i am so happy to be back here with all of you and a list...i guess i should be looking forward to spring and a new spring wardrobe, but i live in the moment and the moment is freeeezing.  i love to be cosy and i love what cosy looks like...so bear with my winter self (oh and a bonus is that much of the items are on sale!)...
 i heart this shirt.
 i heart these measuring spoons.
 i heart these boots.
 i heart these soaps.
 i heart these gloves.
 i heart these hangers.
 i heart these mushrooms.
 i heart this bomber.
 i heart these boots.
 i heart these leggings.
 i heart this jacket.
 i heart this blanket.
 i heart these chairs.
 i heart this poster.
 i heart this clutch.
 i heart this belted sweater.
 i heart this candle.
 i heart this rug (via remodelista).
 i heart this skirt.
 i heart this bag (notice the sweet geese).
 i heart this cover (found on pinterest...maybe erin pinned it first?).
 i heart this simply perfect cowl.
i heart the back of this blouse.

i have to brag a bit...i typed this whole post with one hand and a baby sleeping in the other (not such a bad thing).

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