ok, i couldn't wait.  since this post, this one, this one and this one i have been begging mr. french to become a regular poster on bliss.  his big excuse is that he couldn't possibly come up with enough to entertain my audience regularly...i now realize that this may have been a bit of a fib.  all along he wanted the spotlight just for himself and he really wasn't willing to share.  he wanted his own blog.

he now has it.  it's called stinkbug.  stinkbug because this is what he calls our baby lu.  i also personally feel that it is quite fitting because i see mr. french as pretty stinky and buggy too.  secretly (not so secretly anymore), i am pretty thrilled!  this guy makes me laugh and has too much to say.  his take on the world is both silly, and interesting at the same time.  

i cringe a bit at the thought of sharing his take on things...i take no responsibility for his actions.  you will either run for the hills or fall a little bit in love with him.  not sure i am up for either.  :)
xo mrs. french

you may want to sit by the fire first.

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