wee wednesday: lu's room

so here's the deal...i have been meaning to show you all a little peek of ms. lu's room, but kept putting it off.  i have been hoping to add just one more perfect thing or another, wanting the perfect light for photos, waiting for b to be in school and hoping the beautiful wood floors will finish themselves...basically, coming up with one excuse after another.  you had to have noticed the absence of personal photos on this little old blog, especially photos of our home.  it's all too revealing...i am silly-shy about this type of thing.  but i had to share this one room.  because it was sort of built by my bliss blog.  i am not a designer, i am pretty much lost when it comes to decorating my own home, but this room means the most to me.  i love everything in it and each detail has special meaning.  most importantly it is my lu....all that is sweet, and magical.  hope you like it too...

one of my kitties streaking by...

my dearest melis gave my lu this garland and it couldn't make me happier.

lu and myself love sharon's most adorable crane.

lu loved emma's garland so much we had to put it in her room.

lu's dresser is a genuine barb masterpiece...i love the fact that lu has some knackage.

poor b was home from school sick and loved to be in as many photos as possible.
sarah has a way with lamps...lu's nest.

sometimes sharing private moments and places is kind of nice. xo mrs. french

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