wee wednesday: mr. french and his little girl

this is going to be a tough one for me.  in case you haven't figured it out, i don't often open up on dear bliss.  i also don't really plan on getting too deep and dark here today, but whenever i talk about my babies and their most wonderful dad i cry.  can't help it.  i used to be able to hold back the tears, then i had my b and restraint completely flew out the window...i am a full-on blubbering momma.  

when i first met the mister back in the day, he had no intention of becoming a mister and being a dad was the furthest thing from his mind (which it should have been, we were in our early twenties).  the early years of our marriage were wonderful...for the first 7 years of our marriage we had a all-out blast!  we were child free!  we traveled, went to live music shows (that's what old people say), and genuinely enjoyed one another's company.

then the day came where one of my nearest and dearest had a son.  it hit me like a ton of hormonal bricks.  mr. french was happy being childless and fancy-free, but couldn't handle my long tearful fits and decided to give this whole parent thing a go...as long as we had a boy.  he was serious...to this day, he swears up and down that he willed my b to have a boy.  which was perfect, because i wanted one too...mostly i wanted a bouncing, bundle of my own, but was over the moon for this perfect baby boy...my amazing b. 

we went back and forth for a while on the idea of a second.  we had kind of thought that a second was not in the cards for us.  then it happened again...the ton of bricks hit me!  i not only wanted a second, i wanted a girl.  a need for a girl overtook me.  we talked and talked and mr. french agreed on number two...if, yet again, we had a boy.  

well, just like mr. french blames his tremendous will for our b...my will was kicking and we now have our lu.  she is our sunshine...i really can't say much more than that.  she was the missing piece...the glitter, sprinkles and chocolate shavings our little family needed.  

mr. french was not expecting a girl.  he has often said lu is lu...not so much a girl or a boy, but a baby lui. he has had some serious opinions on frills, pinks and too much pretty.  sometimes i felt like he was still trying to will a baby boy...

then the other day he came home with this...

a small gesture for some.  but massively, lovingly huge for me.  i sent him to the store for some trivial thing and he came home with this sweet little playmobil girl and her baby goats.  then he went into our lu's room and set them up just so.  he loves his little lui and all the girl that comes with her.  i am just so happy.  
xo mrs. french (sniff, sniff)

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