heaven, green chair studio and the daily sniff

i have always secretly thought i could never love, or even befriend anyone that doesn't love my little bubs and my dog.  i have to say, in most cases this has served me well.  which is why i know with all my heart that heaven mcarther of green chair studio and i would be wonderful friends.  actually, in a silly way i already feel like we are.  we share a mutual friend and have found one another on facebook....oh and i love heaven's photography so much.  ok, so maybe at this point i am more of a fan.

which is why i need to share some of heaven's amazing photography.  she captures animals like no other i can think of.  i have taken each of these photos from heaven's newest blog, the daily sniff.  a little space she created to share photos of pups she spies around our pretty town.  the magic in these photos comes from the fact that you can see the adoration in the eyes of each and every one of heaven's fortunate subjects. you can tell they adore her, as much as she does them...

and there are kitties!

goodness i love this gal.  

you also have to know that she takes amazing photos of the humans too....take a peek here.  do i sense another post?  definitely!

xo mrs. french

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