i heart monday: aubrey road style

every now and again i like to offer up one of my monday list to a favorite blogger.  which is why i had to ask one of my biggest blog crushes to give it a go.  oh, how i adore jenny of aubrey road...her taste is impeccable, her blog is an escape for me and on top of all of this perfection she is just so darn nice...enjoy blissful readers!

I may be in the middle of a brief blog break, but that didn't stop me from finding lots of things to love and share and on someone else's blog. Thanks to Mrs. French for having me here. I always heart I heart Mondays. 

i heart this photo.

i heart this book.

i heart this clutch.

i heart this dress.

i heart these pillows.

i heart this chair.

i heart these rings.

i heart this lamp.

i heart this table.

i heart this room.

i heart this bowl.

i heart this rug.

i heart this mixtape.

i heart this camera

i heart this bubble bank.

i heart her hair (and lipstick).

i heart this market.

i heart this photo.

Thanks again, Traci! Have a great week. 



thank you jenny!  i suddenly have the urge to make a trek to the beach...perhaps one in australia...

xo mrs. french

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