less tom cruise and eyeliner and more flowy, sleek and beautiful

i had a leather jacket once...it was niiiiiiice.  it was one of those 'bomber' style jackets from the early 90's (completely inspired by top gun, which is strange because now all things tom cruise freak me out).  anyway it was big, bulky and had a huge drool stain on the right shoulder from using it as a pillow on a road trip.  i have nasty senior pictures to prove it, which i am not prepared to show you...not that baby bangs and angry eyeliner aren't stunning....

i haven't thought much of the leather jacket since then...i think there may have been scarring.  however, i do believe i have been healed through the magic of allsaints' leather jackets.  never did i think that leather could be flowy, fitted, soft and perfectly feminine until now...

or perhaps sleek, stylish and just the right amount of tough girl?

actually, i can't choose...i think that part of the healing process may involve one of each?  the allsaints' women's leather jacket collection has me thinking...it's all about out with the old and in with the new right?  

xo mrs. french

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