my happy place: undecorate

i'll admit it, design completely intimidates me...i have tried to follow rules, which has me crazy/frustrated because i don't have the perfect chair, coordinating throw pillows in designer fabrics, perfect window coverings and just the right antique throw rugs....on top of that, if i did have those things i would have no idea how to incorporate them perfectly.  which is why i have taken my home to a place i am completely comfortable with...i don't have everything i think i need, but many of the things i do have, i love very much; i put those things that work for my little family in just the right spots...the right spots for us.  this is "decorating" for me.

which is why i may have found the perfect decorating bible to fit my needs...undecorate.  undecorate: the no-rules approach to interior design, the lovely book by chrisaine lemieux, the founder of dwellstudio is perfect.  i have it, and it is worn...i have had it for a short time, but i peruse it more than i should (my other designer porn is getting jealous).  

each home profiled is uniquely perfect...perfect for the families lucky enough to live them.  i look through this book feeling inspired, rather than should get a copy.  i am serious, if i had to buy one of these books, this is the one. xo mrs. french

~photographs by melanie acevedo courtesy of undecorate


also take the time to peruse my list this week, so pretty!