flor for my floor

i am all giddy.  right now, as i type, the mister is applying white paint to my walls!  of course, one thing leads to another.  the white paint is filling my head with project after project...i am so excited to finish this process!  i am hanging pictures, re-arranging bowls, globes, throw pillows and figuring out how to illuminate my freshly painted space.  

i am also thinking rugs...we are in desperate need of a family room rug!  especially now that lu is spending so much time on the floor...which is also why i need to be practical.  i have fantasies revolving around beautiful, expensive rugs...but my family room is not ready for such extravagance.  which is why i have decided to turn to the prettiest/most practical floor covering i can think of, flor.  i spent a good chunk of my morning perusing the flor site.  i was pleasantly surprised.  i no longer feel as if i would be settling, i actually love many of the tiles flor has to offer.  i also get a little silly thinking about the fact, that if for some reason there is a nasty spot on one of the flor tiles, all i have to do is replace it!  get out!  

soooo...this is where my blissful readers come in.  you have proven time and time again that you have divine taste, so what do you think?  which is your personal favorite?  

i am dying for your input.  so please share and don't be afraid to add a reason for your decision.  thanks so much!  besides having wonderful taste, you are also so helpful!

oh and i had to share these...

unfortunately, they would not work in my family room due to their delicate nature...but i am thinking maybe for the master bedroom when we get to it? 

i will be back later today with my random polaroid...see you soon!  xo mrs. french