i heart tuesday by lani of dear inspiration.

i have a huge blog crush on ms. lani of dear inspiration...which is why i am so giddy to share her little list with all of you today.  i do hope you had a lovely holiday weekend...

Hello beautiful Bliss readers!  I am beyond excited that Mrs. French invited me to post my very own I Heart Monday list on her lovely blog while she is on her beach getaway.  I've included some old and new favorites to share with you.  I am so ready for summer and have been in quite the light, beachy mood lately (as you will see below)...  Hope you enjoy!

i heart this bag.

i heart this necklace.

i heart this tea towel.

i heart these aviator sunglasses.

i heart this drink dispenser.

i heart this print.

i heart this ring.

i heart this magazine.

i heart this vase.

i heart these jeans.

i heart this scarf.

i heart these flip-flops.

i heart this photograph.

i heart this tank.

i heart this rug.

I think I must be not-so-secretly jealous of Mrs. French's beach vacation...thank you very much for having me!