my happy place...

hello friends, greetings from our beach.  ok, not so much just feels like it.  i am wondering how i am going to say goodbye seems a bit more bearable knowing we will be back within the week.  my parents are celebrating the start of their retirement by renting a little home on the oregon coast.  for one month we get to pretend we have a home on the coast.  the funny thing is that i have no urge to get back to our real home.  i am surrounded by loved ones, my bubs are taking in nature, and i am truly living a dream.  

i have to imagine that the owners of this pretty swedish summer home feel the same way.  i hope they feel as lucky as i do at this very moment.  

i would love to visit this home.  however, for the first time ever in happy place history, i am currently in a place i would rather be.  perhaps next month?  xo mrs. french

photos taken by the brilliant rachael smith