my happy place: super natural everyday

i know i have never found my happy place within a cookbook...until now.  obviously, i am not much of a cook/baker, which is why i found two lovely friends to post on my blissful eats section on my beloved blog.  through their posts and exploring of my own i have come across the most wonderful cookbook written and photographed by the most wonderful gal, who also happens to have the loveliest of blogs...

super natural everyday by heidi swanson is a destination of a cookbook.  a wholesome place, a simpler place...where food is unfussed with and photos are just as they are.  heidi's book brings out the natural beauty and taste in food...yes, i said "taste."  i have attempted and succeeded in creating just a bit of the wholesome goodness in heidi's book.  the recipe's are easy to follow and a joy to execute.

friday ms. swanson descended upon my little city and tina invited me to attend her book signing.  i am so happy i did....lovely wine, food and company, all topped off by meeting the lovely heidi swanson, who is as vibrant and kind in person as she is her book and on her blog.  i am also tickled to say heidi knew me too!  i do so love this tiny, beautiful world of blogging.  xo mrs. french