random polaroid friday

the frenches are supposed to be packing for a beach getaway.  i say "supposed to be" because we are getting ready in the typical french family way; packing here and there, getting distracted, packing a bit more and leaving a few hours later than we had intended.  anyway, as i was getting my cameras set and ready i realized i am down to my last 2 packs of polaroid film.  yes i can get more, but the price on ebay is a bit insane, due to the dwindling supply of the original stuff and i seem to find other things to spend money on.  sadly, i have put all pretty picture taking on hold for the time-being (minus lots and lots of bub photos).  however, if i could take one type of picture everyday i would always choose my beloved polaroid.  rather than becoming discouraged with my current supply, i have decided to treasure the polaroids i have already taken.  i have two drawers full!

this leads me my latest feature...b and i are going to post a polaroid every friday.  he is going to blindly choose one from one of my drawers.  so....random polaroid friday has officially begun:

the first one is a distant shot of the teton mountain range in wyoming.  until monday friends (with a little momma tribute in between), we are off...oregon coast, here we come!  xo mrs. french