wee wednesday: pinhole press

i remember thinking when i had my beloved b, that gift giving would be so much simpler; just plaster b's face on anything and it is a masterpiece....so that is exactly what i did.  i put b's sweet face on calenders, mugs, puzzles, photo books and trinket boxes.  once i had worked my way through all photo merchandise, i decided to mix things up a bit and have another bub...my sweet lu.  i didn't really have lu change up my typical photo gifts, but i have to admit it worked out quite beautifully.  on top of having an extra tiny face to put on photo gifts, i have found the most wonderful new site (new to me), pinhole press: "beautifully simple photo gifts"...and so perfect!


it is going to take me quite awhile to work through all of the stunning goodies pinhole press has to offer.  i am also looking forward to organizing the files upon files of b and lu...how pretty a little library with colorful pinhole press book bindings will be!  

xo mrs. french

pinhole press is one of dear victoria's lucky sponsors