hello friends...goodness, i apologize for not popping in to post yesterday.  i needed to take time to breathe just a bit.  i try not to over-complicate my bliss- i try to step back from real-life and create a space on bliss where you can come and dream just a little bit.  i also have a tough time putting myself out there...all of that being said, i am taking just a moment to complicate things and give you a glimpse into where my noggin is right now.

we are in bend, oregon on a little family getaway...i see it as a getaway and the mister sees it as more of an opportunity.  mr. french wants to bundle up the family home in portland and move it all to this lovely mountain town.  where do i stand?  i am not standing, i am sitting down...surrounded by a fog of confusion.  should i leave my beloved portland for a simpler way? should i pack up my little b and lu too and move them from the only home they have ever known to start over?  there are opportunities calling and i am not sure i am ready to listen.  i moved to portland 6 years ago and it took me 4 to feel just right.  i like to lay down roots and i have some pretty special ones in portland.

i am not sure where i am heading with this post, i just had to vent.  i will keep you posted.

i find comfort in knowing that no matter what i do, i can take all of you with me...

xo mrs. french