ipads, tweets, anne, allegra, west elm and a juju hat

ok, for those of you who follow me on twitter this is all old news by now...the frenches got an ipad!!!  so far it has been a bit of a problem.  i am having a tough time prying my fingers from it.  due to the new addiction, i have also embraced my inner tweeter.  the ipad makes tweeting so much more enjoyable for me...ok, back to the post...i put out a plea tweet asking for throw pillow advice and darling anne came to the rescue.  she suggested the lovely pillows created by allegra hicks for west elm...which was perfect considering i have been sitting with the rug in my cart for a couple of days.  for some reason, tweeting and anne got the job done...i pulled the design trigger and i couldn't be more thrilled!  

sooo...the rest of you need to pop over and check out the whole at home with allegra hicks collection...


now i need the juju hat...ipads are so flippin' dangerous!

xo mrs. french