revisiting amala

you know what it's like when you find something so amazing that you can't wait to share it with all your closest friends?  this is how i feel about the rejuvenate line from amala.  i have mentioned this glorious skincare line in the past, but feel as if it is my duty as a friend to do so again.

typically, i jump from skincare product to skincare product, rarely looking back...however, amala has me coming back again and again.  while i was pregnant, i had taken a hiatus from my beloved amala...i was ok, i think the hormones were good to my skin.  things drastically changed after my little lu came into the world.  the quality of my skin changed drastically for the worst....break-outs, scaly patches and shiny areas had taken over.  

i knew it was time to revisit amala...guess what?  my pretty skin is back.  i will be straight with you, this line is a bit of a splurge financially, but it is worth every cent and a teeny bit goes a long way.  i am thinking that rather than jumping from product to product, and playing catch-up, that i should become a committed skincare type of gal...big step people!  xo mrs. french