wee wednesday: alexandalexa swimwear

although i am not a fan of finding swimwear for myself, i do love finding adorable swim attire for the wee folk in my house.  i am not sure there is anything cuter than little chubby legs, tiny bottoms and dimpled elbows covered in pretty prints, splashing on the seashore (or in most cases, near a lovely public pool).

i am all about the swimwear put forth by the always dapper and adorable alexandalexa...which lucky for me, now has an american site.  i have been shopping and perusing and these are the front runners for my little ones...

ms. lu:

a couple choices for the b man:

i can see them frolicking and splashing in all of them.  maybe that's the key to lady swimwear...more frolicking and splashing? xo mrs. french