a breather and my baby is 1-year-old...

my little bliss is going to be a bit quiet for a tiny while.  we are packing up the french abode and moving on thursday.  i am going to take the next few days to load up my home and start a new one.  

i love you dear portland and all your people too (especially my nearest and dearest).  oh and just so you know, i am not done with you yet...i have a feeling i will be back.

on a happier note, my little lu turns one today.  i couldn't take a little break without leaving you something to gaze upon, so i am leaving you with a peek at lu's one-year-photo-shoot.  heaven mcarther and her green chair studio are pure magic...

this preview is killing me...i can't wait to see the rest.  where did lu's first year go?  

see you soon friends...xo mrs. french

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