i heart monday.

hello blissful readers!  how are you this fine afternoon?  how was your weekend?  mine was so, so nice.  you see, one of my nearest and dearest friends came for a visit from my favorite city.  sadly, her visit did remind me of how homesick i am.  bend is truly lovely, but portland is still home in my heart.  i tell myself again and again that it takes time...i will go with that for now.

i do so love the items on this list of mine.  i have found so much inspiration from two of my nearest and dearest blogging friends and i got lost for awhile compiling this list in all of the blasted boots out there!  i am thinking that perhaps later this week i may need to dedicate a list to my favorite tough girl foot ware, the perfect boot?  

i hope this list leaves you feel inspired as well...

i heart this top.


i heart this boot.

i heart this dresser.

i heart this skirt.

i heart this napkin.

i heart this top.


i heart this pullover.

i heart these legwarmers.

i heart this cover.

i heart these earrings.

i heart these limestone candle holders.

i heart this little dress.


i heart these boots.

i heart this ring.

i heart this eco-home.

i heart this dress.

i heart this wristlet.

i heart this sweater.

i heart this sofa.

i heart this top.


xo mrs. french

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