luke irwin: amazing rugs and a pretty amazing story to boot.

ok, so first, let's just say that i am a little more than infatuated with luke irwin's ikat collection.  each piece is made to order and completely stunning...

as if the rugs weren't enough...the story behind luke's professional journey is magical by itself.  there is a home in the country, a kismet beginning and a success story.  it's nice to come for the carpets and stay for so much more.

i am constantly amazed by all the inspiration surrounding me everyday...not just the pretty pieces, but the hopes and dreams behind them.  take a moment this afternoon to read a really nice article presented by wsj magazine.  i find so much comfort when someone truly figures out what he or she is supposed to be when they grow up.  oh and of course, it's always nice when inspirational stories are accompanied by beautiful rugs and photos of beautiful country homes...have an exquisite weekend. xo mrs. french

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