my baby turned one and this is what it looked like...

hello, hello, hello!  my baby is feeling so much better...thank you so much for checking in!

i am so thrilled to share this little photo session with you.  my baby turned 1 and i needed to capture this magical time since it is slipping by so, so quickly and of course we couldn't put a camera in front of lu without including her favorite person in the whole world my b.  i couldn't think of a more amazingly talented gal for the job than ms. heaven mcarther of green chair studio.  i knew her camera would grab hold of the magic of this age, but i was blown away...far away.  she managed to capture in a photo what i am lucky enough to see everyday.  when my current everyday is gone, and age 1 and 6 pass, i will have these photos, my babies will always be babies in these pictures and i am forever grateful.  

I have just gotten to the point where i can peruse without tears...

never mind...sniff, sniff...the tears are still a coming.  i love you ms. heaven, you are magic.

xo mrs. french

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