wee wednesday: affinita' moderne

it's no secret, i am a bit of a horder (not the type worthy of a cable tv show).  it's funny, even with my hording tendencies i, sadly, do not have many precious things to pass down to my sweet b and lu.  i realized this early on with my b.  i decided that i would create some preciousness by taking up knitting or sewing...i did truly try until mr. french gave me the name "angry sewer."  i quickly realized that craftiness was not my cup of tea...i am not a natural.  crafting left me crabby.  

sooooo...i am not a much of a creator, but i am a pro admirer.  i have a knack for finding lovely, special things.  things i would love for my babies to pass down to their babies.  which is why i gasped out loud when i found affinita' moderne. stunning, anything but matchy matchy bedding for little folk.  i would be proud to pass each and every bit of this down...

beyond special.  no need for this gal to get all angry with the knitting needles....thank you beautiful affinita' moderne and the mister thanks you too.

xo mrs. french

how did i find affinita' moderne?  this little company is one of bloesem kids' lovely sponsors of course!

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