i heart boys.

i have had a few requests for a monday list made just for boys.  i loved the challenge and feel as if i have the most wonderful inspiration of all, mr. french.  keep in mind, my mister is an outdoorsy type of guy with not a hipster/fussy bone in his body.  basically, in my mind, i dressed him or gifted him each and every item here and i think i did an impeccable job...

i heart this boot.

i heart this crew.

i heart these jeans.

i heart this pocketknife.

i heart this sportcoat.

i heart this shirt.

i heart this hoody.

i heart this wagoneer.

i heart this sweater.

i heart these pants.

i heart this cap.

i heart this backpack.

i heart these cordarounds (pinned by mr. pinterest).

i heart this sweater.

i heart this watch.

i heart this kayak.

i heart this hoody.

i heart these sunglasses.

i heart these classic sneaks.

i heart this down sweater

i hope you enjoyed my testosterone filled list as well.  but not to worry ladies, i can't make it whole week without a list for us...later this week i promise!  xo mrs. french

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